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Could the Jets draft their right tackle for the future in Notre Dame’s Liam Eichenberg? Possibly in the second round?

Liam Eichenberg Info

  • OT, Notre Dame
  • 6-foot-6, 302 pounds
  • First-team All-ACC in 2020
  • Consensus All-American in 2020
  • Jacobs Blocking Award for the ACC’s best blocker in 2020

How Liam Eichenberg would Fit into the Jets Roster

If the Jets pass on an offensive tackle at No. 23 overall, they could utilize their No. 34 pick in the second round on Liam Eichenberg out of Notre Dame.

Eichenberg would initially be a reserve swing tackle while developing. Mekhi Becton is an up-and-coming star at left tackle while right tackle George Fant has two years remaining on his current contract.

If Fant is no longer a Jet after the 2021 season, the coaching staff could plug in Eichenberg on the right side of the line. The Jets would then be putting their bookend tackles in place, hopefully for years to come.

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Liam Eichenberg Film Room Notes

Eichenberg and Notre Dame’s December 2020 loss to Clemson in the ACC Championship (LT #74)

Right off the bat, Eichenberg does a great job on the run block taking his matchup out of the play.

However, on this play, Eichenberg seems to screw up his assignment, which leads to the Clemson defensive end reaching the backfield and nearly recording a tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

Using great footwork and vision, Eichenberg is able to slow down his initial matchup while still being able to pick up the stunting down lineman.

With the correct footwork and hand placement, Eichenberg is able to keep quarterback Ian Book protected on these two pass plays.

Eichenberg needs to do a better job keeping his composure here — the over-reach is what allows the defender to make a quick spin move into the backfield for the near-sack.

Great strength from Eichenberg in this clip as he takes his matchup completely out of the play.

Eichenberg and Notre Dame’s January 2021 loss to Alabama in the College Football Playoff Semifinal

The footwork and hand placement help free up space for the Fighting Irish offensive unit to execute the screen pass.

Eichenberg reaches the next wave of defenders and utilizes his strength to block the linebacker out of the play.

Eichenberg seemingly blocks with his hands too much on this play — the defender is able to shed the block and meet the Notre Dame ball carrier.

And finally, Eichenberg slows down his initial matchup prior to using great agility to pick up the stunting defensive lineman.


Eichenberg portrays a number of great on-field qualities that could lead to him becoming a successful offensive tackle at the next level. The footwork, hand placement, strength, and vision are all there — the only glaring weakness he’ll need to clean up is his tendency to over-reach and block solely with his hands on certain plays.

Consistency is key; Eichenberg will need to bring that to the table and he’ll definitely satisfy whoever drafts him.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.