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If the Giants want to address the offensive tackle spot at No. 11, they could reach and draft Oklahoma State’s Teven Jenkins.

Teven Jenkins Info

  • OT, Oklahoma State
  • 6-foot-6, 320 pounds
  • First-team All-Big 12 in 2020

How Teven Jenkins would Fit into the Giants Roster

If the Giants were to select Oklahoma State offensive tackle Teven Jenkins, he would likely be the team’s best option at the right tackle position. While Nate Solder is entering his age-33 season and may not make it past the preseason, it’s unclear if pending second-year man Matthew Peart is ready to be a full-time starter in this league.

Selecting Jenkins would lead to the Giants plugging in their bookend tackles (hopefully) for years to come; Andrew Thomas is expected to retain his role on Daniel Jones’ blindside after starting much of the year at that spot during his 2020 rookie campaign.

Employing a talented body like Jenkins would additionally provide the Giants with flexibility on the offensive line. If Thomas were to go down with an injury or struggle at left tackle, the Giants could plug Jenkins in at that spot and experiment with that type of lineup.

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Teven Jenkins Film Room Notes

Jenkins and Oklahoma State’s September 2020 win over West Virginia (RT #73)

Jenkins’ tenacity is unmatched; he takes his man out of the play and doesn’t stop doing so in the above clip.

Jenkins implements great footwork on this play to protect his quarterback and provide him with enough time to find his target.

Putting his run-blocking skills on display, Jenkins utilizes great footwork and hand placement to help clear the hole for the Oklahoma State ball-carrier.

The run-blocking skills are portrayed again here — Jenkins’ power allows him to play his part in clearing the hole for the ball-carrier.

Jenkins’ strength and power allow him to go from one defender to the next on this third-down conversion.

Jenkins and Oklahoma State’s October 2020 loss to Texas (RT #73)

Jenkins portrays great athleticism here as he blocks the initial defender inside and immediately turns to the linebacker coming around the edge to help clear the hole.

Jenkins’ quick feet lead to him protecting his quarterback just enough on this pass play.

Unbelievable strength and footwork from Jenkins here — he keeps the feet pumping and drives the Texas defender way out of bounds.

Jenkins is able to take advantage of his defender when the Longhorn stands up — one strong move leads to the defender hitting the turf.

Unfortunately, we’ll conclude with a not-so-great play from Jenkins, who commits a crucial penalty in overtime.


Jenkins’ strength, athleticism, footwork, hand placement, and overall power are phenomenal and should make him a fantastic offensive tackle at the next level. As was previously mentioned, he would likely be the best option at right tackle if he were to come to East Rutherford, so expect him to take on a significant role should the Giants select him at No. 11 overall.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.