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Jets general manager Joe Douglas met with the media on Wednesday to discuss some lingering offseason decisions.

The Jets organization possesses a number of crucial decisions to make this offseason…to say the least. After a two-win 2020 season and tenth consecutive year with no playoff football, fans are incredibly impatient; every move must be made with sheer caution.

And given the importance of these pending moves, every statement Joe Douglas publicly makes will carry a significant amount of weight — this includes what was said during Wednesday’s press conference with the media.

Is the Jets-Deshaun Watson saga over?

Courtesy of a question from The Athletic’s Connor Hughes, Douglas noted that the organization must “hit on our draft picks,” of which they own 10 this year (including two in the first round).

Of course, a huge discussion this offseason has been whether the Jets will send a massive haul to Houston for the ever-expensive Deshaun Watson. The 25-year-old quarterback may be worth more than three first-round picks (the Jets own two in each of the next two drafts), but considering Douglas seemingly prefers to build through the draft, a blockbuster trade may not come to fruition.

The superstar Texan would be too expensive anyway, and you can’t afford to give up that much when you’re rebuilding.

Sam Darnold on his way out of Florham Park?

Per Brian Costello of the New York Post, Douglas will field calls on quarterback Sam Darnold, who could indeed be traded prior to the 2021 season.

Before we go insane, this is part of Douglas’ job — to field calls. Jamal Adams was a star in New York (and still is in Seattle) and Douglas still fielded calls on him (the Jets traded Adams last July).

But with all the 2021 starting quarterback options the Jets could have, it’s interesting to see Douglas publicly say something like this. The front office will most likely possess any option at No. 2 overall with the exception of Trevor Lawrence, so it’s not like giving up on Darnold would leave the team hung out to dry.

Not to mention, the Jets could acquire further draft capital by trading Darnold — potentially a second-round pick or maybe even a late first if they were to keep him up until the night of the draft.

Maye to stay…hopefully

The Jets would benefit from building around a few young talented defensive weapons, one of which is Marcus Maye. The safety underwent a career year last season following Jamal Adams’ departure, recording career-highs in a number of different statistical categories.

Douglas can address the secondary’s depth with multiple draft picks, but if he’s going to spend some of the Jets’ cap space, it should be on a guy who could thrive in Gang Green’s defensive backfield for years.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.