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Superstar Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson reportedly wouldn’t say “no” to a deal sending him to Florham Park, New Jersey.

Deshaun Watson’s “list” of teams he would like to go to could become obsolete sooner rather than later. The superstar quarterback and 2020 passing-yard leader may eventually be so desperate to get out of Houston that he doesn’t care who trades for him.

On Tuesday, ESPNUpstate reported that Watson would approve trades to three teams, all of which were non-playoff ballclubs last year. Those organizations happen to be the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and yes, the New York Jets.

Remember, Watson possesses a no-trade clause in his current expensive contract, so he would need to approve of any trade that is made.

The heavy cost is still present

Don’t get too excited though, Jets fans. Just because Watson would apparently approve of a trade to the Jets doesn’t change the fact that a deal would cost New York an absurd amount, especially when you take into account the movement occurring around the league.

Then-32-year-old Matthew Stafford was recently traded to the Rams for a pair of first-round picks, a third-round pick, and two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Jared Goff.

Sure, you could say the Lions received an extra first-rounder because of Goff’s expensive contract, but the Texans would still likely head into any sort of trade negotiation and use the aforementioned deal as leverage to possibly receive even more for Watson.

Not to mention, the Texans state they don’t wish to trade their franchise quarterback anyway, an idea that will force prospective suitors to further up their offers.

Considering all this should lead you to believe that three first-rounders and Sam Darnold isn’t enough for Watson. He’d be worth even more than that, should the Texans contemplate any sort of deal.

The Jets could offer four first-rounders and Darnold, all assets they currently own (they possess a pair of firsts in each of the next two drafts). But would the Jets really be willing to give up that much for Watson and leave themselves with no first-round picks until 2023 and an expensive contract? Wouldn’t they rather trade Darnold for potentially a late first-rounder and start over with Zach Wilson, who they could draft at No. 2 overall? Or just roll the dice with Darnold in year four and hope he develops under new offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur?

There are a number of possibilities for the Jets’ starting quarterback role in 2021, some of which seem more intriguing than giving up a noteworthy haul for Watson when you look at the big picture.

Good for the Jets that Deshaun would reportedly approve of a trade, but that doesn’t mean it will happen, given the potential price and alternative options.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.