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Deshaun Watson still wants out of Houston. However, the Jets trading for him would leave them with limited capital to rebuild.

The Deshaun Watson saga continues; the superstar quarterback has requested a trade and the Jets have been in the mix. The 25-year-old will be absurdly expensive though, and he understands that concept makes it a tough situation for prospective trade partners.

According to Jayson Jenks and Aaron Reiss of The Athletic, Watson knows a trade to the Jets would make it really difficult for New York to build around him.

And it’s definitely true, almost to the point where it’s unclear if any team would be willing to give up what Watson would eventually cost.

Right now, the Texans have all the leverage in the world. It was initially believed that a hypothetical trade involving the Jets would involve Gang Green giving up potentially three first-rounders and quarterback Sam Darnold. However, then-32-year-old Matthew Stafford went to the Rams for two first-rounders, a third-rounder and two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Jared Goff, a deal that could certainly lead to the Texans asking for an even larger return. Not to mention, Houston doesn’t want to trade Watson anyway, which might force teams to further up their possible offers.

If there’s an organization that may possess the draft capital to get it done, it’s the Jets. New York owns two first-round picks in each of the next two drafts and could give three or all four to the Texans if they were to desperately wish for Watson.

However, they would then put themselves in a tough spot when it comes to subsequently acquiring top-tier offensive weapons, offensive line help, or defensive assistance through the draft.

Trading for Watson would additionally make it difficult to bring in notable talent via free agency, given Deshaun’s current contract. Watson’s cap hits over the next three seasons are set to be $15.9 million, $40.4 million, and $42.4 million, respectively.

Listen, none of us can predict exactly what’s going to occur with Watson, but don’t be surprised if a trade isn’t agreed to prior to the 2021 season’s commencement. He’s too expensive and the Texans carry too much leverage. Any team that trades for him would be giving up an absurd amount of draft capital and cap space and limit the chances to build around him, and the Jets are no exception.

With that said, it’s looking like the Jets’ quarterback options might come down to either Darnold or a first-round draftee, potentially BYU’s Zach Wilson. Trading the former could provide the Jets with a late first-rounder, and there are multiple teams with that type of draft selection who may need a new quarterback — Chicago and Washington included.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.