jets deshaun watson
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David Culley, who underwent his opening press conference as the Texans head coach Friday, assured Deshaun Watson will remain with the team.

You can’t give up your star player, right? You can’t move off a guy even if he’s unhappy with the team that employs him, right?

Of course, you could do whatever you want, but newly hired Texans head coach David Culley certainly believes the aforementioned ideologies. In his opening press conference on Friday, Culley assured the media that superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson would be with the team in 2021.

General manager Nick Caserio couldn’t help but express that same feeling over the four-year pro and 2020 passing-yard leader.

So does this mean that’ll actually be what occurs? Does this mean the Jets will not be able to make an offer for a quarterback who could significantly boost their offense?

Of course it doesn’t; what else are the Texans supposed to say in that situation?

The organization entered Friday’s press conference knowing a number of questions would be asked about Watson. His situation and trade request have been the talk of the league this week.

Houston was prepared for this moment and knew the type of answer it wanted to provide: Deshaun Watson will be a Texan in 2021.

But why is that the answer they ultimately went with when asked?

Well, for one, because it could end up being an effective tactic.

Claiming they have no intention of moving off their superstar quarterback could lead to potentially interested teams, such as the Panthers, 49ers, and Jets, upping their offer. It could lead to the Jets offering another future draft pick on top of a possible three first-rounders and quarterback Sam Darnold.

Not to mention, the event of Watson actually remaining in Houston is also what the organization prefers. It’s clear the Texans won’t be set on dealing Watson to another team, and if they eventually are, the trade would need to include a return that’s incredibly massive.

They believe if they can work things out with him, it would be greatly beneficial for the team. It’s sensational the on-field production Watson was able to conjure up this past year while dealing with a coaching staff change, no DeAndre Hopkins, and a below-average offensive line.

He’s a superstar quarterback, there’s no going around that. And in order to improve from a four-win 2020 campaign, the Texans along with their new general manager and head coach believe keeping him around would be best for the short-term (and eventually the long-term) future.

So yes, the Jets could definitely still trade for him and at least field offers. It’s not a simple situation given what they would need to give up, and Watson would additionally need to approve the trade considering the no-trade clause in his current contract.

However, these Friday afternoon quotes from both Culley and Caserio confirming their desire to keep their starting quarterback may indeed make a possible trade even more difficult for the Jets. It confirms they want to make things right with him, and it additionally might lead to Gang Green (and other potential inquiring teams) needing to enhance a potential offer.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.