Brooklyn Nets
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The Nets have launched a food pantry to combat hunger and food insecurity.

The Brooklyn Nets continue to make an impact both on and off the court.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Nets announced that they’ve teamed up with Hosp Special Surgery to launch The Brooklyn Nets Food Pantry. The pantry will be located at P.S. 308, Clara Cardwell School in Bed-Stuy.

As is mentioned in the video, one in every four people living in Brooklyn is food insecure. The purpose of this pantry is to address and help resolve this issue.

Bed-Stuy itself, the area of Brooklyn where the pantry is located, has a significant food insecurity problem: 26% of its population suffer from the inability to regularly access sufficient, and healthy food.

The Nets are setting a great example by taking the initiative and doing something that can help improve the lives of thousands of members of the community.

It’s important that all sports teams use their platform, power, and resources to continuously bring awareness to issues like hunger and food insecurity and do what they can to help resolve them.

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