jets sam darnold
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Sam Darnold is taking part of the blame for the eventual divorce between him and New York Jets head coach Adam Gase.

All good things come to an end. Except, the New York Jets-related marriage between Sam Darnold and Adam Gase was never exactly a “good thing.” There was an 8-game stretch to finish out 2019 in which Darnold played exceptionally well and the Jets emerged victorious six times, but amid this disgraceful 2020 campaign, the conclusion was on the horizon before the fat lady even began warming up the vocal cords.

Many of the fingers are pointed toward Gase, but like a true professional, the third-year quarterback is taking part of the blame.

No, Darnold hasn’t played up to standards this season, but Gase didn’t exactly do the greatest job when it came to effectively and efficiently developing him.

With the Jets locked into the No. 2 overall draft pick and essentially out of the race for Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, there’s a real possibility Darnold is back for year four in Florham Park.

He may indeed stay, but it’ll be “goodbye and good riddance” for the man who’s head coached him the last two years.

Gase recently stated he disagrees with the criticism directed at his young quarterback — a young quarterback he’ll no longer be coaching after Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Patriots.

We don’t know where Gase will be in 2021. Heck, we don’t exactly know where Darnold will be, but we at least possess a feeling he’ll remain in Florham Park.

It was a respectful marriage, but the results speak for themselves. And as everyone knows, this is a results business. No getting around that.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.