SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 05: Stanford Cardinal head coach David Shaw is seen on the sidelines during a PAC12 football game between the Stanford Cardinal and the Washington Huskies on December 5, 2020 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, WA.
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Adam Gase has been a horrendous hire for the New York Jets. They need to make sure they get the next one right, and David Shaw fits the bill.

Kyle Newman

Most knew that Adam Gase‘s tenure as the New York Jets head coach was going to be a disaster from the moment he signed on the dotted line. He was a mess as the Miami Dolphins head coach, and he had only coached two above-average offenses in his career as an offensive coordinator or head coach.

He wasn’t the offensive genius the Jets were passing him off as. In fact, there was verifiable proof that Gase made his players, specifically his quarterbacks, worse.

Still, many, myself included, tried to rationalize the hiring anyway they could. Some spun numbers to make them look better, others pointed to his role in Denver’s Super Bowl win, still others pointed to Miami’s playoff appearance under Gase.

Deep down, most of us knew that it was going to end just like this. With Gase dragging the team down into the abyss.

Despite the bleak 2020 season, Jets fans have hope. Mekhi Becton and Denzel Mims look like building blocks for the offense, and the team is staring down a generational quarterback prospect. With five picks in the top 100 in each of the next two years plus incredible cap space in an unprecedented free agency year, the Jets are set up for a bright future.

They just need to find the head coach who is going to lead them into the future. That guy should be Stanford head coach David Shaw.

Joe Douglas Connection

In 2002, the Baltimore Ravens hired a young up-and-coming position coach by the name of David Shaw. He was put in charge of both quarterbacks and wide receivers working under head coach Brian Billick.

At the same time, a young scout named Joe Douglas was working with the Ravens.

Both men rose up through the ranks in Baltimore.

That may not seem like a lot, but it’s a huge connection. The two have known each other for close to two decades. That’s the kind of connection that gets someone an interview and may secure them a job if the race is tight.

Shaw doesn’t need that though. He’s been a highly sought after head coaching candidate for nearly a decade now. the Douglas connection is just the cherry on top that shows the two would likely be able to work well together.

Modern Offense

David Shaw isn’t what most would call an innovative offensive mind. He isn’t like most hot shot college coaches, see Chip Kelly and Kliff Kingsbury, who became known for their scheme.

Shaw runs a mix of pro-style and college styles in his system. During his time at Stanford Shaw has run nearly every system in the book. He’s comfortable adapting his gameplan based on the situation.

That’s what stands out about Shaw. He’s not set in his ways. He isn’t going to try and force a system on his players. He’s going to build his system for his players and against his opponents.

He’s also going to run a modern offense. Jets fans have grown accustomed to runs up the middle and swing screens under Gase. Shaw isn’t going to bring that here.

He’s going to bring some college ideas and an understanding of what makes a modern offense work. Motion will be a big part of his offense. Running backs are going to catch the football — getting speed in space, running pick routes, and run-pass options. It would all be a major part of his offense if he were hired.

Stability and a willingness to be fluid are major selling points for Shaw. Especially after the Jets dealt with Adam Gase’s antiquated and stubborn offense.

Fit as the New York Jets Head Coach

After Gase’s tenure, the Jets need a steady hand who can take the reigns of the franchise. In a perfect world, they’d find their next Bill Parcells for this job. Sadly, it doesn’t look like any Hall of Fame coaches are going to be available to fill the slot.

That means the Jets are going to have to find that new head coach the old fashioned way. They could go with a more well-known commodity like Jim Harbaugh or Marvin Lewis, but both have their warts.

Harbaugh struggled in Michigan and burned every bridge he ever built when he left San Francisco. Meanwhile, Marvin Lewis has an 0-7 career playoff record that’s reflective of his coaching career — always the bridesmaid never the bride.

David Shaw has won three Pac-12 Championships, gone to five Pac-12 Championship games, been named Pac-12 Coach of the Year four times, and won the Rose Bowl twice.

By all accounts, Shaw is a steady hand with an alpha-dog mentality who would command respect in the Jets locker room. If he’s truly ready to leave Stanford for the NFL, the Jets should be all over him. He’s the perfect candidate to replace Adam Gase.

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