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Recent rumors state the New York Giants spoke to the Detroit Lions about wideout Kenny Golladay with the deadline approaching.

The 2020 NFL trade deadline (Nov. 3) is nearing, and given the current state of the New York Giants — one win through seven weeks — you’d think they’d be sellers. Nonetheless, recent history involving Dave Gettleman states that may not be true.

Last year, the general manager gave the New York Jets 2020 third-round and 2021 fifth-round picks for defensive lineman Leonard Williams, a move that wasn’t exactly the most intriguing for a rebuilding organization. The trade came with reasonable backlash from Big Blue fans, given the fact that you shouldn’t be a buyer when you’re one of the bottom teams in the league — at the time, the Giants were 2-6.

2020 could include much of the same story as well. Per ESPN’s Jordan Raanan on his “Breaking Big Blue with Jordan Raanan” podcast, the Giants apparently spoke with the Detroit Lions in regard to wide receiver Kenny Golladay.

“I had heard something about this last week,” Raanan said. “There was at least some conversation about the Giants talking to the Lions about wide receiver Kenny Golladay. My understanding is that it did happen in some shape or form.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean a trade for the fourth-year receiver will actually occur, nor is likely. But regardless, would a deal to bring Golladay to East Rutherford even benefit this Giants organization?

Well, in regard to why it could actually be advantageous, you must consider how the offense has performed thus far in 2020.

Coordinator Jason Garrett hasn’t been the most efficient play-caller, implementing a boring and ineffective offense that only somewhat caught fire against the Cowboys’ struggling defensive unit. New York’s offense scored 27 points that game — by far the most it’s put up all season. The overall group, on average, just isn’t locating that required spark, averaging just 17.4 points (31st in the NFL), 282.4 total yards (31st), along with 184.3 passing yards (30th).

These putrid marks don’t just have to do with Garrett or the struggling offensive line though. Much of it involves the lack of talent the Giants employ on that side of the ball.

Amid Saquon Barkley‘s season-ending ACL injury, who’s left in terms of playmakers? Evan Engram carries the potential to portray a significant level of talent, but his inability to not only gain consistent separation from defenders (only averaging a little over six targets per game) but also cure his case of the drops (21 since 2017, the most among all tight ends during that span) decreases his value. Darius Slayton was also a good draft pick but tends to disappear some games.

Sterling Shepard is another name that provides offensive production, but his health is a liability (he’s already missed four games in 2020).

Daniel Jones could certainly use another weapon in order to spread the field and overwhelm opposing defenses. Employing Golladay would provide that, improve the overall passing game and offensive production, as well as assist in the development of the team’s young quarterback. Not to mention, this all would complement the team’s fairly strong defense and possibly keep Big Blue in the race within the putrid NFC East division.

So now you think a trade for Golladay would be a decent move, huh? Well, think again.

On the other side of the argument, you need to take into account that Gettleman would be giving up another draft pick — potentially multiple — for a receiver whose contract is expiring at the end of the season.

Despite the Giants sitting just 1.5 games back of the division lead, they’re still very much a rebuilding ballclub. They’ve won just 13 games since the commencement of the 2017 campaign and don’t seem like they’ll improve much over the course of this year. The draft picks they currently own must be cherished and can’t be sent away for what could end up being a rental receiver.

Not to mention, Golladay is about to become expensive. His current deal with the Lions provides him with a base salary of over $2 million in 2020 ahead of the more lucrative contract he’ll likely sign prior to the 2021 campaign, whether it’s with Detroit or another ballclub. The 2019 Pro Bowler understands his true value and knows it’s more than what his current rookie deal is paying him.

Would the Giants be willing to pay Golladay when they know they may need to pay Barkley a significant amount of money at some point? You’d also have to factor in Jones and Slayton’s eventual (and potential) second deals.

So yeah, there’s upside to trading for Golladay, don’t get me wrong. But that upside may only last for this year alone, and when you’re rebuilding, the overall future must be the priority.

The possible implications down the road in regard to this potential deal simply outweigh any positives that would come out of it. Therefore, Dave Gettleman, do not dial the phone.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.