Andrew Thomas talks about his upcoming matchup with No. 2 pick Chase Young as the New York Giants prepare for Washington.

Andrew Thomas, rookie tackle for the New York Giants, has already had his fair share of difficulties in his incredibly young NFL career. He’ll be tasked with yet another challenge this Sunday when the Giants take on the Washington Football Team.

Thomas will be facing fellow rookie Chase Young, another top-four pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.

“Obviously, very talented guy, but not just him. Their whole front, I think, is like five first round draft picks,” Thomas said of Young and the Washington defensive line via SNY. “It’s going to be a good matchup for our tackles and our inside guys. It’s going to be a good game.”

The Giants have the talent to beat Washington, but if Young and the defensive line can put pressure on Daniel Jones, Big Blue might be in trouble. Thomas and the offensive line have been tested each week so far this season. The rookie offensive tackle is looking at the brutal schedule as a positive

“I think it’s actually been good for me, to see it so early so I can understand how it goes and how it is week in and week out. I think that will make me better in the long run,” Thomas said.

Thomas was also asked about his individual play this season. He’s shown inconsistency in his first five games, but it’s hard to blame him when he’s practically carrying the load of the offensive line, which is one of the worst in the league.

“I think I see progression, but there are definitely things that I definitely need to get better at… I’m just trying to cut down my negative plays as much as possible.”

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