New York Giants
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New York Giants head coach Joe Judge gives his feedback following the team’s Blue and White scrimmage on Friday night.

Jason Leach

The New York Giants took to the field at MetLife Stadium Friday night for their Blue and White scrimmage. Despite it only being a scrimmage, there were several things to make note of, as this was the closest to a game-like situation the Giants have been in this summer.

For one, Daniel Jones had an up-and-down night and additionally fumbled once. Wayne Gallman was the offensive star with two touchdowns, Lorenzo Carter had a monster night with a couple of sacks, and unfortunately, the Giants were once again hit with the injury bug as Darnay Holmes sustained a lower-body setback.

One of the first questions head coach Joe Judge was asked following the scrimmage had to do with differentiating the positives of Carter applying pressure against the concerns of the offensive line’s pass protection.

“I’ve been watching the progress on both sides the entire training camp. Obviously, I’m watching from a dual perspective,” Judge said. “Zo has been very particular in training camp, he has made a lot of improvement. He plays with a high motor. He is developing a skill set to really expand on what his game has been in the past. Bret [Bielema] is doing a phenomenal job with him.

“The offensive line, to be honest with you, it’s live competition. We’re going out there, there are some different tools we can use to help these guys in games. We chose to keep this a little bit vanilla tonight so it takes a little bit of tools you can use through game planning away from it. We have to see more improvement in the one-on-one matchups and how they handle it across the board.”

The night belonged to the defense, as the offense that took the field first only managed to score three points in four drives. Judge was asked if he puts any weight on this.

“There was a way we managed the game in terms of the tempo of that first half,” Judge said. “We weren’t tackling to the ground so there was a large part of our running game that we weren’t really trying to hammer. It kind of makes you play left-handed when you don’t establish the run early on, but that’s just what we decided to go with when we had Daniel and some of the other guys in the game. We thought that was best for the team and what we wanted to see.

“There were some missed opportunities early on, some dropped passes. We have to do a better job in that second quarter against the pass rush. Overall, I thought they moved the ball decent as the quarter went on. We were able to get a little bit of openings early on with some seams and runs between the tackles. We had an opportunity to move the ball with the passing game in the second quarter.”

The Giants will practice on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before hosting another scrimmage on Thursday.

It’ll be interesting to see if Holmes and inside linebacker Blake Martinez, who’s been nursing an injury that hasn’t been disclosed, will be participants at practice and in the scrimmage.

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