SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 05: New York Jets center Nick Mangold walks the Blue Carpet at the 2015 Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award Ceremony at Pepsi Super Friday Night at Pier 70 on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California.
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Jamal Adams says he wants to retire with the Seattle Seahawks. To Nick Mangold and others, this is downright laughable.

Most New York Jets fans would run through a brick wall for former All-Pro center Nick Mangold. A year ago, they would have done the same for Jamal Adams. Boy, things have changed.

Well, Jets fans would still go to war for Mangold, but Adams is a different story. After months of orchestrating his way out of New York, Adams is the newest member of the Seattle Seahawks, a place where he plans to spend the rest of his career—or so he says.

Mangold took to Twitter to clown Adams for saying he wants to retire as a Seahawk.

As we know from previous reports, Adams was privately trying to force a trade to the Dallas Cowboys last season while publicly clutching his pearls over the notion that general manager Joe Douglas would do his job and pick up the phone when another team called. Adams threw a very public fit over the notion that Douglas would even consider trading him.

Little did we know, at the time Adams was simply trying to force his way to Dallas. Now that Adams is professing his love for Seattle and detailing plans of a long future with the Seahawks, it’s no surprise that people won’t take him at face value.

Maybe Adams really does want to retire in Seattle. We can’t know for sure, but based on his past history, he has Dallas on his mind. And just to be clear, there’s no shame in Adams wanting to go play for his hometown team! It is what it is, just don’t play these childish games behind the scenes and everyone would be a lot better off for it.

Although it’s worth noting that Douglas flipped Adams for a staggering package from Seattle. Jets fans should probably count their lucky stars that their team now has a treasure chest of draft picks rather than letting Adams bolt for the star in Dallas.

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