New York Giants wide receiver #85 David Tyree on the sidelines during the Houston Texans vs New York Giants game on November 5, 2006 at Giants Stadium . .The Giants won 14-10.
(Photo by Tom Berg/NFLPhotoLibrary)

Super Bowl 42 hero David Tyree recently discussed the New York Giants receiving corps heading into the 2020 season.

There’s no denying the New York Giants employ talent within their receiving corps. But that talent staying on the field and really coming together for Big Blue’s young quarterback? Yeah, that’s a different story.

Golden Tate missed five games in 2019, Sterling Shepard missed six, Darius Slayton missed two, and tight end Evan Engram missed a whopping eight. Not to mention, Corey Coleman sat the entire year after tearing his ACL in training camp.

Injury-related issues are certainly existent, but looking even past that, this unit might also be missing a core piece.

“I don’t think there’s any lack of the ability and playmaking with the receiver corps, especially with Golden and Sterling Shepard and Evan,” Super Bowl 42 hero David Tyree told Patricia Traina of Sports Illustrated. “So I think you have a great set of playmakers there, but from the outside, yeah, I think there’s still something that could be wanted there.”

The Giants do indeed need that tall receiver for Daniel Jones to rely on down near the goal line, something they overlooked throughout the entirety of this year’s NFL Draft. Having a weapon of that nature would tremendously assist in Jones’ overall development and also become a beneficial fit alongside the team’s additional targets.

Shepard is a solid possession receiver when healthy (led the team in receptions last year despite his injuries) and Slayton is a productive downfield threat (notched eight touchdowns in 2019). With Tate being a veteran presence and Engram serving as a playmaker when he’s not inside the medical tent, a target larger in size could somewhat complete the puzzle that is New York’s passing game.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.