new york giants
(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The New York Giants won’t be participating in their offseason program on Monday, as COVID-19 has led to its delay.

This month was supposed to include the commencement of offseason programs around the NFL. Teams with new head coaches were to start on April 6 and teams with returning head coaches were going to begin their programs on April 20. But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s unclear when this part of the NFL calendar will truly start.

The New York Giants fall in the former category, as they just hired Joe Judge in January. With that said, Big Blue won’t be taking part in any on-field work on Monday, but they can still distribute playbooks electronically for the 2020 campaign.

That means Jason Garrett‘s offense can begin looking over different plays and formations in preparation for the new season, a slate of games whose fate has yet to be decided amid this worldwide tragedy. The same goes for defensive coordinator Patrick Graham and a group looking to mightily improve from 2019.

With the delaying of the offseason programs, one of the next big events on the league calendar will be the 2020 draft, which is still set to occur from April 23-25. Some believe it should remain on those dates, some don’t. The NFL is currently going with the former side of the argument

The alteration of the league’s calendar will greatly affect the rookies as well. It’s very much unclear how first-year players will adapt amid all the changes in order to prepare for their inaugural pro seasons.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.