PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 08: Colt McCoy #12 of the Washington Redskins looks on prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on September 8, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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During a conference call on Wednesday, Colt McCoy talked about working with the future of the New York Giants, Daniel Jones.

Jason Leach

Colt McCoy officially became a New York Giant on Wednesday after inking his one-year contract. McCoy, 33, brings a wealth of knowledge to the quarterback room and understands what it takes to be a professional on and off the field.

The expectation is that McCoy will be the backup to Daniel Jones. But as head coach Joe Judge stated when he was introduced as head coach, all positions will be earned which means McCoy will have to beat out Alex Tanney to be No. 2 on the depth chart.

Aside from wins and losses, the top priority for the Giants is to continue to develop Jones, as he enters his second season in the league. McCoy was asked what he thought of Jones and if the two ever spoke prior to him signing with the Giants.

“I met Daniel just in pregame when we played them a couple times last year,” McCoy recalled. “I know him more as a quarterback because playing in the same division you get to watch their tape week in and week out because we are playing all the same opponents across the league. I thought he played very well as a rookie last year. His future is bright, his ceiling is high and he seems like a really great person.”

Being in the NFC East is nothing new to McCoy. He spent the last six seasons with the Washington Redskins and believe it or not, he’s the longest-tenured quarterback in the division.

During his conference call on Wednesday, McCoy was asked if it was important to him to stay in the NFC East.

“I don’t know if I looked at it from a standpoint of importance, but I do think it’s an advantage,” McCoy said. “Spending my last six years in D.C., playing on and off there and then having the opportunity to join the Giants. I think playing those teams, their systems, their coaches, their coordinators may change but you do have a feel for players and their skillset. It’s a very competitive division and I do think there is value in staying in the East for sure.”

The entire world is dealing with something unique and something that couldn’t have been foreseen with the COVID-19 pandemic. The NFL stated on Wednesday that they still intend to play a full regular season. However, it seems that OTAs and minicamps are in jeopardy.

McCoy had to deal with not having a full offseason of team activities in his second year in the league in 2011 during the lockout. He gave his opinion of how he thinks Jones would handle the possibility of not having a full offseason of workouts with the team.

“I think Daniel is prepared for this, he played a lot more his rookie year than I did. There are challenges and it’s a new system, new ways to call plays. A new philosophy in what we are trying to accomplish as an offense. I will really do my best to be a great resource for him,” McCoy said on the conference call. “I don’t know what the rules are yet, but hopefully, as we get going on this virtually learning and installs with Coach Garrett, Daniel and I spending time on the phone to really talk about the ins and outs of what we are doing.”

McCoy helping Jones during a possible abbreviated offseason could pay huge dividends this season. We don’t know when the Giants will be together as a team, but McCoy is already showing the value he brings to the team.

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