new york knicks madison square garden
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The NBA’s hiatus means there might not be any more New York Knicks games at Madison Square Garden this season. That’s a shame.

The NBA is on hiatus. Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus just a week after he was in Madison Square Garden facing off against the New York Knicks. In fact, I was in the Utah Jazz locker room that night reporting on the game.

It was the 28th Knicks game I had covered this season, but I didn’t know at the time that it would probably be one of the last times I step foot in MSG this season. It’s easy to take the Garden for granted—especially when the Knicks are struggling like they are now.

However, it’s The World’s Most Famous Arena for a reason. Whether it’s the Knicks, the New York Rangers, the Big East Tournament, or any other event, Madison Square Garden is a special place.

But since my expertise lies with the Knicks, here are 25 reasons to love watching the Knicks at MSG.

1. The roar of the MSG crowd during a fourth-quarter comeback. Even when the Knicks are completely out of the playoff hunt, the crowd loves a close game.

2. Seeing a “Sopranos” actor on the Jumbotron during a timeout. Anytime Bobby Baccala or Christopher Moltisanti is shown on the big screen at MSG, I’m in awe of them. I always fall down a “Sopranos” YouTube rabbit hole afterward too.

3. Watching the Junior Knicks play at halftime. Some of those kids can put on a show during the intermission.

4. Watching Red Panda during the halftime show. She always puts on a show during halftime.

5. Feeling the anticipation in the crowd when Frank Ntilikina pulls up for a shot.

6. Mitchell Robinson blocks.

7. Mitchell Robinson dunks.

8. Mitchell Robinson postgame interviews.

9. T-shirt cannons. For whatever reason, fans at arenas go absolutely wild for free t-shirts. The Knicks toss out hundreds of cheap shirts during games and the reaction is always huge.

10. Fans taking halfcourt shots.

11. NY Pizza Suprema. Seriously, it’s located just outside the Garden on 31st and 8th and it’s probably the best pizza in the city.

12. When Western Conference stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis roll into MSG for their only appearance of the season. The biggest stars always seem to come out with a little bit extra under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden.

13. A legend like Vince Carter playing his last game in the Garden.

14. Seeing a rookie like Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant make his Garden debut.

15. Other New York athletes showing up and sitting courtside. The Jets and Giants have shown the Knicks the love this season. Jets safety Jamal Adams even caught a game with his crosstown rivals, Daniel Jones and Sterling Shepard of the Giants, recently.

16. When the Knicks host the crosstown rival Brooklyn Nets. Knicks-Nets isn’t the greatest rivalry in the world, but there’s always a little more juice when these two teams meet.

17. Revenge games against former players. Kristaps Porzingis understands this well.

18. Revenge games against former teams. The Chicago Bulls are still having nightmares about Bobby Portis from earlier this season.

19. When the guy you least expect leads the team to victory. For some reason, there’s a Henry Ellenson game that comes to mind.

20. The pack of fans waiting on W. 33rd Street for autographs.

21. Realizing that Boban Marjanovic is an absolute giant.

22. Game-winning buckets.

23. Game-winning stops.

24. The buzz in the building after a win.

25. Knowing there’s always next year.

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