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New Jersey Devils host epic ‘pork roll’ vs. ‘Taylor Ham’ debate on Twitter

The New Jersey Devils have stepped in to ultimately decide the epic “pork roll” vs. “Taylor ham” debate via Twitter.

Anyone who’s ever lived in New Jersey knows about the epic debate on the Garden State’s staple breakfast sandwich, pork roll/Taylor ham, egg, and cheese.

But is it called “pork roll” or “Taylor ham?”

The New Jersey Devils decided to step in as the ultimate host for the heated debate. New Jersey tweeted out an advertisement for the showdown on Thursday. This explained how fans can vote for the preferred name at the Prudential Center on Friday night when the squad takes on the St. Louis Blues.

The chances are that if someone lives south of the Driscoll Bridge off the Garden State Parkway, they’ll refer to the meat as “pork roll.” North Jersey residents will drop the mitts for the label of “Taylor ham” though.

Devils Twitter reacted immediately with a plethora of responses to the post. It seems that fans can order the sandwich at a concession stand on the main level and will receive a pin for the label they choose.


While it’s been a lackluster season for the Devils (and an uneventful one for fans), this was a genius social campaign. The reality is that people do take an interest in not only food but how they label their favorite meals.

Fans can share their view on the sandwich’s label while waiting for the final verdict.

If the Devils tweet out the results, then it must be “official,” right?

For the record, it’s “pork roll.” Let’s not forget that the sandwich should only be ordered on a bagel – salt, pepper, and ketchup are accepted as optional.

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