Jamal Adams
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One fan saw fit to question how valuable Jamal Adams was to the New York Jets defense. That didn’t sit well the All-Pro safety.

New York Jets star safety Jamal Adams is known to be active on social media. He loves to interact with fans and speak his mind on a number of topics. He got the chance to do both on Tuesday when a fan called out Adams for the lack of value a safety brings to the football field.

Great interaction between Jamal and a fan from nyjets

The fan calls Adams the best safety in the league, but questions the value that brings. That’s a fair question to ask. Safeties often don’t bring a ton of value. They help some in the run game, cover tight ends, and help out over the top. Those are the biggest responsibilities for a safety on the field.

That’s not the case for Adams, who split time between, safety, slot cornerback, edge rusher, and linebacker this season.

An example of Adams’ value is his pass-rush ability. He had the highest pressure rate in the NFL among safeties by a large margin, with at least five pass-rush attempts. He had more than double the pressures than the next best safety. His 6.5 sacks are equal to the next two best pass-rushing safeties in the league combined.

In coverage, Adams allowed just 187 yards. That’s the least among the All-Pro safeties in 2019. Hiss 55.3% completion allowed is also the lowest amongst All-Pro safeties in 2019.

From an on the field standpoint, it’s hard to argue against his value. He’s not an ordinary safety.

None of that mentions the leadership that Adams brings every time he steps into the locker room or onto the field. He is the captain and leader of that defense. He elevates the play of everyone around him.

If Jamal Adams isn’t worth paying, then who is?

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