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Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant and Steph Curry embrace after game (Video)

For the first time since Kevin Durant left for the Brooklyn Nets, KD and Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry met on the court.

The Brooklyn Nets hosted the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. The game marked a couple of important events, including the return game for D’Angelo Russell, who got a huge ovation from the Brooklyn Crowd.

The biggest moment of the night, though, belongs to Kevin Durant and Steph Curry. There was some talk of the two being on bad terms when Durant left. However, this video from the game should put those thoughts to rest.

The two of them fought wars on the court together. They won multiple championships and set records. There never should have been a doubt that they were close. This moment proves that.

The only thing that could have made this better was if they were both on the court. Sadly, that couldn’t happen. Both players are out for the year with injuries. Durant tore his achilles during the playoffs in 2019, he isn’t expected back anytime soon. Curry broke his hand earlier this season and is unable to play.

Those injuries have left these two teams in a state of disarray. The Warriors have had a meteoric fall this season, from the NBA Finals to the worst record in the NBA. It’s been a truly difficult struggle for them to find anything to be happy about.

The Nets have been better, but they’re worse then they were in the 2018-2019 season. They’re under .500 and clinging to the seventh seed.

This certainly isn’t how these two titans of the game expected to meet again. Hopefully, the next meeting will be one to remember for what they do on the court.

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