Jamal Adams, Le'Veon Bell, Sam Darnold
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It’s easy to rank a team’s best players. But when the offseason arrives, it turns to value. We dive into the New York Jets most valuable.

Robby Sabo

Jamal Adams is, by far, the New York Jets best player. Why discuss it any further? It’s as set in stone as anything is in this life.

But that’s the point: it’s easy to rank players based on “best,” or “most talented.” Now that Patrick Mahomes is off to Disney World, the NFL offseason has officially arrived, meaning value must move to the forefront of every general manager’s football-working brain.

Is Adams the Jets’ most valuable?

10. Henry Anderson

Henry Anderson comes in at the No. 10 spot in sort of default fashion. When looking up and down the roster, there are plenty of “what ifs” and “maybes,” but those simply cannot qualify for the 10 most valuable.

Anderson, 28, tallied a single sack in 2019 over 13 games—a far cry from his seven the year prior.

It’s not his fault. Due to the Jets desperate need for edge players, Gregg Williams was forced to play tweeners like Anderson and Kyle Phillips outside. Only one glance at the Baltimore game (Lamar Jackson running wild wide) tells us just how terrible a situation it is to stick 300-pound players on the edge.

9. Foley Fatukasi

Young Foley Fatukasi was, perhaps, the Jets’ greatest surprise in 2019. The sixth-round pick out of UConn makes for a great second interior man to Quinnen Williams and should continue to develop under (Gregg) Williams.

8. Le’Veon Bell

Of course, Le’Veon Bell, as a player, should rank higher than No. 8. But, remember, this is a value ranking.

When thinking value, consider the following: age, potential, contract and position.

Bell will turn 28 later this month, is on a mega deal, doesn’t hold much potential and plays the most devalued position in the NFL, running back. There isn’t much New York could snag in exchange for the former Pittsburgh Steelers stud.

7. Jamison Crowder

Jamison Crowder is still only 26 (turns 27 in June) and plays a tremendous slot. Piling up 833 yards and six touchdowns on 78 receptions, he’ll continue to operate as Sam Darnold’s security blanket.

6. Marcus Maye

The Robin to the other man’s Batman—Marcus Maye knows the drill.

First-Team All-Pro Jamal Adams plays the safety spot all defensive coordinators want their better safety to hold down, the strong spot. Meanwhile, Maye, the second-rounder who’s still playing on his rookie deal, is an excellent centerfielder.

5. C.J. Mosley

Rarely has C.J. Mosley experienced injury problems. That is, until, he signed with the New York Jets.

Missing all but two games (and failing to play a full contest), Mosley’s 2019 campaign could only be labeled a complete wash. The No. 5 spot may be generous considering his ridiculous contract and age (he’ll be 28 by the time camp opens), but the overall value on this depth chart is fleeting at the moment.

4. Chris Herndon

Chris Herndon in the No. 4 spot? Yeah, Chris Herndon in the No. 4 spot is correct.

Much like Mosley, Herndon’s 2019 was a waste of a season. But make no mistake: the ceiling is through the roof, the contract is tremendous, the age is a beautiful thing and the position is starting to climb the ranks of the NFL (see Travis Kelce and George Kittle).

Herndon is sort of the de facto No. 4 man on the list.

3. Quinnen Williams

A No. 3 overall pick who accumulated just 2.5 sacks and was compared to Aaron Donald coming in hits the three-spot. You already know why.

The 22-year-old baby faced big man is loaded with potential at an important position. The Jets simply need to ensure he comes to the party with proper help (two edge rushers) in order to allow his overall talent to develop.

Jamal Adams, The Prez T-Shirt

2. Sam Darnold

The real question on this list boils down to the No. 1 and 2 spots. Should the top spot go to the quarterback or the team’s best player? We chose the best player.

Sure, Sam Darnold would fetch a pretty penny if traded. He plays the most important position in all of sports, is still incredibly young and is still operating under his rookie deal. But that’s how damn good the other guy actually is.

1. Jamal Adams

If the Jets put both Darnold and Jamal Adams on the block, which man would fetch the most in return? It would be close.

If the team did the same thing at the time of Darnold’s drafting, it would be no contest; Darnold would, by far, fetch the most. But after mono, ghosts and so many sacks, it’s become an extremely close contest.

Adams, on the other hand, is the undoubted best at a position that’s drastically increasing in value. A stud strong safety is needed in today’s league to shutdown problematic running back/tight end matchups no other position can successfully shut down in today’s pass-happy league.

Either way, the New York Jets are sitting pretty with their top-two value players. It’s the rest of the list (and continuing depth) Joe Douglas must improve as soon as possible, and it will truly begin with the 2020 NFL Draft.

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