Jason Garrett, Daniel Jones
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Jason Garrett is the New York Giants’ new offensive coordinator, which means there are several ways he can benefit the organization. 

Jason Leach

On Friday evening, the New York Giants announced Jason Garrett as the team’s new offensive coordinator.

The 53-year-old Garrett spent the last nine and half seasons as the Dallas Cowboys head coach when he led them to three division titles, 2014, 2016 and 2018. Garrett also has ties to the Giants, serving as a backup quarterback from 2000-2003.

In his final season as Cowboys head coach he didn’t have play calling duties as the play calling was done by Kellen Moore, but he helped the Cowboys to have one of the most explosive offenses in the league. The 431.5 yards per game were the most in the league, and they were second in passing yards per game with 296.9. In contrast, last season the Giants averaged 338.5 yards per game and 233.2 passing yards per game.

With Garrett now calling plays, expect the Giants offense to be more productive in 2020.

Numbers aside, there are several benefits with Garrett being the offensive coordinator.

Knows the inside and out of the NFC East

This is obvious, as being the Cowboys head coach for the last decade, Garrett knows the ins and outs of all of the teams in the division, especially that of his former team. In the past three seasons, the Giants are 4-14 in the division, including an 0-6 mark against the Cowboys.

Over that same span, Garrett and the Cowboys went 15-3 against the NFC East. Successful teams must win in-division and Garrett has done that. Albeit, the Cowboys roster has been vastly better than the Giants as they have Pro Bowl players all over their roster. But Garrett can take the success he’s enjoyed against the division and pass his knowledge onto head coach Joe Judge and the rest of the organization.

With Garrett now with the Giants this should help them fare better against the Cowboys, as he’s familiar with their personnel. The Cowboys plays and play-calling will change with their new head coach Mike McCarthy. But Garrett knows the strengths and weakness of the players which will bode well for the Giants.

He’ll make life easier for Joe Judge

One of the concerns some had when Joe Judge was named head coach was that he’s never been a play-caller. Well, that is no longer a concern as the Giants have a trusted and experienced play-caller in Garrett.

In addition, Garrett knows what it’s like to be a young head coach and the daunting expectations and pressure of coaching one of the elite franchises in the NFL.

Garrett has a reputation for being a straightforward and honest person. So Judge can lean on Garrett for advice without having to worry about Garrett trying undermined him and put himself in position to be the next head coach if Judge falters. Judge will be able to trust Garrett to run the offense allowing him to oversee the entire team.

Help the maturation process of Daniel Jones

The continued development of Daniel Jones is vital to the team’s success in 2020 and beyond. The three voices Jones was most familiar with last season, Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur and Mike Shula, are all gone.

But Jones now has an offensive coordinator that has won games in this league and knows what’s like to play the most demanding position in professional spots.

Garrett also studied and prepared how to defend Jones when the Cowboys defeated the Giants 37-18 in their Week 9 Monday Night Football matchup. The strengths and flaws Garrett saw in Jones as an opponent can now be used to help mentor Jones as he enters his second season.

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