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Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant took to Twitter—again—to voice his opinion, this time directed at ex-teammate Kendrick Perkins.

Well, it had been nearly 24 hours since we last witnessed Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant take to Twitter while looking for a sparring partner. We were due.

This time around, he found a combatant in a former friend (well, teammate), Kendrick Perkins.

The brief back-and-forth started when Perkins issued the following statement on Twitter.

Perk worded the tweet with underlying intentions. No doubt that Westbrook was everything to not just the Thunder, but Oklahoma City as a whole.

He embraced the city, they reciprocated. But as Marc D’Amico, Celtics personality, mentioned, he’s not the same player Kevin Durant was while with OKC.

Perkins had a response; bringing up that Durant lost in the second round of the playoffs without Westbrook when Perkins was on the Thunder.

From there, hilarity ensued. Durant brought up Perkins’s “production” in a not-so-flattering light.

Naturally, that retort came with some “oo’s and ah’s” from NBA Twitter.

Not to be outdone, Perkins pulled out the “you joined the 73-9 Warriors” card. A staple for anyone ever criticizing Durant’s resume.

This isn’t exactly the first time such remarks had been issued at Durant. He let his feelings be known on the situation. He’s well, bored. Hence the sloth gif.

That wasn’t enough, however. Durant once again went at Perkins’s inadequacies on the hardwood. He told Perkins that if he would have worked on his craft a little more diligently—maybe as much as he had—his minutes would’ve come with more production.

Ultimately, Nets fans are eagerly anticipating the eventual return of the ten-time NBA All-Star, but until then, you have to admit… Durant’s Twitter adventures have been very entertaining.

Who knows what’s next, or who’s next.

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