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The New Jersey Devils haven’t played in the NHL’s Winter Classic yet, but what jersey would the Devils wear if they ever did participate?

Kyle McKenna

While the NHL’s Stadium Series arguably grew tired on hockey fans alike, the Bridgestone Winter Classic has not.

Yes, there’s a difference between the two outdoor hockey events.

The annual New Year’s Day tradition still brings out the best from what the sport offers at a national level, and this season the outdoor game takes place in Texas. No, that’s not a joke.

The NHL elected the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars to skate at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas. I know, we’re all hoping the rink’s conditions survive in the Lone Star State.

To date, there have been 11 Winter Classic contests but none of which entailed the New Jersey Devils. Jersey’s team earned the privilege to play in the NHL’s first-ever Stadium Series back in 2013-14, but stumbled hard in a losing effort to the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium. Let’s not reflect on that horror story, rather look forward to the possibility of the New Jersey finally playing in a Winter Classic.

While the location for the epic outdoor game makes for a controversial discussion, the more important question is what sweater would the Devils wear?

Teams that skate in the Winter Classic have typically worn a jersey that portrays a vintage appearance – all to add to the nostalgic feeling of playing hockey outdoors.

Clubs such as the Detroit Red Wings or Chicago Blackhawks have skated in more than one Winter Classic and own the flexibility to wear a number of different designs. Naturally, Original Six teams entail more history than a team such as the Devils who’s only been around since 1982, while essentially wearing three different uniform designs.

While the league leans towards unique and new jersey designs for the Stadium Series contests, former general manager Lou Lamoriello and Jersey opted to wear the traditional throwback red and green jerseys for their outdoor game at Yankee Stadium.

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Here’s a look at what type of jersey the Devils could potentially take to the outdoors for a Winter Classic.

Perhaps a potential sweater would entail nods to all three different eras in Devils’ history? New Jersey wearing the same layout and design as the team’s original sweaters from the 1980s but replacing the color green for black could be intriguing, no?

That type of design arguably doesn’t stray away from a classic New Jersey tradition and remains loyal to the team’s overall identity.

Here’s a plot twist, though. If the team wore that design with the primary color as red – instead of black helmets – New Jersey should consider wearing red buckets like it did with the original red and green sweaters from 1982 until 1992.

That aspect would portray a vintage feel while still donning a modern and flashy appearance.

New Jersey fans may call for a sweater that’s completely redesigned and something new. At some point in time, Devil supporters may finally receive their wish and witness a black-themed sweater and what better way to debut that jersey in a Winter Classic, right?

Still, it’s hard to picture the Devils wearing anything other than the vintage red and green uniforms for a Winter Classic.

A new concept strays away from the “boring” and old school Devils’ attitude that somehow fans still appreciate after all these years – with or without Lamoriello running the front office.

Fans might also disapprove of wearing the vintage red and green sweater that Jersey wore at Yankee Stadium in large part because the Devils lose more times than not in the throwbacks.

The reality is that the team doesn’t win too many games in the red and black sweaters, either.

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