Amari Cooper
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The  Dallas Cowboys may not be able to afford star wide receiver Amari Cooper. If true, the New York Jets should make a move for him. 

Over the past few seasons, Amari Cooper has emerged as a dominant wide receiver in the NFL. He was great with the Oakland Raiders but has been elite with the Dallas Cowboys.

He’s the perfect playmaker the New York Jets need to pursue this offseason.

Cooper will become an unrestricted free agent after this season. He’s expressed that he would like to stay in Dallas, but that might not happen. There are rumors the Cowboys won’t be able to afford him. If that’s the case, the Jets should go after him.

Cooper, 25, has 348 receptions, 33 touchdowns, averages 14.3 yards per reception and owns a 61.6% catch percentage for his career.

Cooper will most likely never be an elite wide receiver and/or one of the absolute best in the league. That said, he has evolved into a transformational player capable of helping a team’s offense get to the next level. Add his incredibly young age to the mix and it’s easy to see why he should continue to improve.

He’s currently not at his best. However, that’s part of a bigger problem involving the Cowboys’ offensive woes.

The Jets, have a receiving corps currently highlighted by Robby Anderson, Jamison Crowder and Demaryius Thomas.

Anderson, who is young and has a great deal of potential, will become a free agent after this season. It seems unlikely that the Jets will re-sign him.

Some team is sure to offer Anderson a great deal elsewhere. So, a return to New York may be unlikely. That’s why, if Cooper does end up being available, it’s a route the Jets need to take.

Of course, fans have become aware that the Jets’ offensive line is atrocious and must be fixed immediately, especially if the Jets hope to accomplish anything next season. There would be no point in signing someone like Cooper with an offensive line this bad.

However, this issue is, by far, the Jets’ most glaring one. It’s hard to believe they won’t dedicate their entire draft to revamping it.

The Jets offensive line will not be this bad next year. Joe Douglas has made it point to focus on the offensive line everywhere he’s been. It’s unlikely that he’ll change now that he’s with the Jets.

The Jets are expected to have around $62 million in cap space in the offseason. Financially speaking, they’ve been better off in the past. However, that’s more than enough cap space to work with.

If they do sign Cooper, he’ll most likely be the only big name they go after. That way they can allocate to their other needs.

An offense headlined by Le’Veon Bell, Sam Darnold, a wide receiving duo of Cooper and Crowder, and a strong offensive line would make the Jets a dangerous team. They could legitimately expect to be in the playoff conversation.

If the Jets can, they need to pull the trigger on Cooper.

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