Eli Manning, Sterling Shepard
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New York Giants veteran wideout Sterling Shepard didn’t think he’d be catching a pass from Eli Manning ever again.

Earlier this year, New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur made the decision to switch it up at the quarterback position. After just two games with Eli Manning at the helm, Shurmur gave rookie Daniel Jones the nod. Jones has started every game since and has succumbed to a 2-8 record.

But now, the team’s starting quarterback has stumbled upon a setback. The team found out this week that his ankle, one that was deemed “fine,” actually isn’t. On Wednesday, reports stated that Jones would most likely sit for the upcoming Monday night game against the Eagles. This means Manning is back at the QB1 spot. It’s a surreal feeling for some guys, including wideout Sterling Shepard.

When Shepard was asked if he thought he’d ever catch an in-game pass from Manning again, he responded, “To be honest, I didn’t,” per Tom Rock of Newsday.

Manning completed 62.9% of his throws for 556 yards, two touchdowns, and two picks in the initial pair of regular-season games this year. He hasn’t taken a snap since the Week 2 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Not many pictured Manning returning to the starting role. If they did, it wasn’t in this way. Regardless, the longtime quarterback can now potentially have a “farewell tour” of some sort.

“It’ll be pretty cool to play with Eli again,” Shepard said, per Dan Benton of Giants Wire. “Eli is the ultimate pro. It’s ‘next man up’ mentality.”

The last game Shepard played with Manning was in the Week 1 loss in Dallas. Shepard missed Week 2 with a concussion.

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