The Roast of O.J. Anderson
Sports Roasters

New York Giants legend O.J. Anderson is all set for a Sports Roasters beatdown via Artie Lange, Jackie Martling, Lawrence Taylor and more.

An all-star cast of characters is set to bust chops for charity. You’ve never seen trash talk like this. On Dec. 11, 2019, at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, an epic gathering of Big Apple sports and comedy royalty will gather together for the Roast of O.J. Anderson.

Anderson, a New York Giants Football legend and MVP of Super Bowl 25, has sacrificed himself to the comedy gods in the name of the holiday spirit and charity.

Sports Roasters, the company behind last year’s Roast of Shane Spencer, will be hosting this gathering which is shaping up to be an all-star trash-talking fiasco.

Comedians Artie Lang and Jackie Martling of Howard Stern Show fame will join Anderson and his buddies Howard Cross, Carl Banks, Larry Holmes and Lawrence Taylor on the roasting dais.

With tons of other players and celebs expected in the audience, Gotham Comedy Club is set to play host to a once in a lifetime comedy experience.

The jokes will range all over, but for the good stuff, you must be in the house.

“You won’t find the crazy stuff on social media,” Sports Roasters co-founder Mike Vivalo claims. “If you’re not in the building, you’re going to miss the best jokes and epic back and forth.”

A very limited number of tickets are still available at

ESNY staff reports.