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Legendary New York Giants linebacker and color commentator Carl Banks takes to social media to criticize James Bettcher’s schemes.

The New York Giants defense has been nothing short of a failure in what’s been another lost season. To break it down, the secondary has struggled mightily through the first 12 matchups. They’re ranked 25th in the league with 258.6 passing yards allowed-per-game.

So does it come down to players or defensive coordinator James Bettcher‘s playbook? According to legendary Giants linebacker and color commentator Carl Banks, it’s the schemes that are the issue. Banks took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions and express his opinion on Bettcher’s defense.

When watching film of this secondary, it seems like an opposing receiver is wide open on almost every play. That’s when you know there has to be something wrong with the plays Bettcher is piecing together.

Just looking at the numbers, it’s evident that nothing has changed from last year to this year either. In 2018, the secondary was 23rd in the league with 252.8 passing yards allowed-per-game. Three of the four starting defensive backs this year weren’t even on the roster last year. Deandre Baker, Antoine Bethea, and Jabrill Peppers replaced B.W. Webb, Curtis Riley, and Landon Collins, respectively. The only returnee is Janoris Jenkins. Grant Haley has returned as a slot corner, but he’s only started three games this year as opposed to nine last year.

This Giants defense (from a player’s standpoint) needs to figure it out quick if they want to have any sort of motivation heading into 2020. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Bettcher’s Giants tenure will last that much longer.

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