Bless Austin
Corey Perrine/Getty Images

New York Jets cornerback Bless Austin is taking issue with how one headline characterizes his quotes about Rutgers and Greg Schiano.

Rutgers football recently hired Greg Schiano as head coach in what will be his second stint with the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers alum and New York Jets cornerback Bless Austin was recently quoted in a story by Matt Stypulkoski of about the recent hire.

Austin was not happy with the way his quotes were characterized in the title of the story and he took to Twitter to voice his frustration.

Stypulokski quoted Austin often during the article, but the rookie cornerback never mentions Schiano by name. He also never disparaged the hire. Instead, he shows he’s rather uninterested in talking about what Rutgers is doing right now.

Who can blame him? He’s in the middle of his rookie season in the NFL. His focus is on the Jets, not on what’s going on at his alma mater. Austin even specifically said, he was rooting for Rutgers and whoever was hired.

“I’m just hoping it’s somebody who can provide good results at the university,” Austin said Wednesday. “It doesn’t matter to me who it is, as long as it’s a good football coach and you have a guy who’s developing dudes for later on in life as well.”

That’s a quote ripped right from Stypulkoski’s article. So it makes sense that Bless would be upset with the title. He meant no ill-will towards Rutgers or Greg Schiano.

Rutgers is in the past and he only cares that the university can produce good men and good football players. To have his words twisted against Rutgers has to sting for Austin, but he can use this is a learning experience.

Everything professional athletes say is scrutinized, especially in a market like New York.

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