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While the New Jersey Devils have always struggled when wearing the red and green jerseys, it’s time to bring back the vintage sweaters. 

Kyle McKenna

It seems that the New Jersey Devils always suffer defeat when they wear the throwback red and green sweaters.

In fact, New Jersey posted more losing seasons from 1982-83 up until 1992-93 when the Devils wore the vintage red, green and white uniforms. But why allow silly superstitions to get in the way of fashion?

Is it time that New Jersey brings back the Heritage sweaters to replace the team’s current red, black and white uniforms?

ESNY thinks it’s time to turn back the clock for good with the Devils’ sweaters.

For starters, fans more than likely want to point towards the team’s success since changing exchanging the color green for black on the jerseys.

New Jersey appeared in the Stanley Cup Final five times since the transformation while winning three Stanley Cups. With the current color scheme, winning seasons were essentially guaranteed up until a handful of seasons ago, that is.

With Jersey’s original uniforms, the team failed to raise a single banner that entails green on it. It’s understandable that fans don’t want an association full-time with the old school colors and perhaps once or three times a year is more than enough.

However, the modern versions that the team wear of the vintage sweaters entail a flashy meets classy appearance. Teams reverting to modern versions of old school sweaters have been an increasing trend over the past decade.

Just look at the team’s rival in the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins who both went back to old school designs. Bright colors are in and are more vibrant these days.

Some may not agree nor see a difference, but New Jersey’s current sweaters aren’t great, to say the least. It was a mistake to modify the uniforms when Adidas took over and eliminated the three stripes located at the belt area while enlarging the stripes on the sleeves.

Quite frankly, they appear cheap and like a pajama shirt without the notorious three stripes at the base of the jersey. The same three stripes that are seen on the five retired numbers hanging high and proud at The Rock.

The green and red offers more character and creates a better atmosphere at home.

After the team’s struggles over the past handful of seasons, it’s time to start fresh and rewrite the new era with Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes.

Jersey can start by officially going back to the red and green uniforms.

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