Louis Domingue, Ryan Fitzpatrick
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Find out how New Jersey Devils’ goaltender Louis Domingue shares NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s magic.

Kyle McKenna

NEWARK, NJ—At first glance, it’s comparable to someone playing guitar left-handed or having the steering wheel on the right side of a car.

The New Jersey Devils and the fanbase weren’t expecting to have the team’s fourth goaltender in team history that catches with his right hand to replace Cory Schneider this season. In fact, there’s arguably never been this much excitement around a right-handed catching goaltender for New Jersey.

Yes, Louis Domingue has only started one game for Jersey after collecting a victory against the Detroit Red Wings last Saturday night, but the notorious backup goaltender is on a mission to inspire the Devils.

If you’re a football fan then you should take notice because ESNY has a proposition that you might be able to appreciate; or, one that at least New York Jets fans can.

Domingue is comparable to former Jets quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

How is the 27-year-old linked to a Harvard University graduate that’s been under center for eight different NFL teams?

That’s note above is a hint. It’s nothing against Fitzpatrick or Domingue, but the reality is that there’s a reason why both have yet to stick with a club for an extended period of time and act as a true starter.

They’re good at what they do – not just serving as a reliable backup for their respective positions, but are able to fill in and provide a spark under circumstances that aren’t ideal. The two athletes provide that much more excitement because of how surprising they’re contributions can be for a team that’s desperate for newfound energy.

Similar to Fitzpatrick, Devils fans can expect Domingue to provide that same type of magic the undrafted quarterback wooed fans with at MetLife and just as he did with other teams. Fitzpatrick’s magic and success were always short-lived and it always will be when it comes back around.


The timing, environment and opportunity presented are the key ingredients for these unique athletes and game-changers.

Domingue served as a backup and temporary starter for both the Arizona Coyotes and Tampa Bay Lightning, where he portrayed glimpses of a goaltender that can ride a hot streak at any given point.

Why didn’t it work out in Tampa after he recorded 21 wins last season filling in for an injured Andrei Vasilevskiy?

The two weren’t a fit considering who was in front of him on the depth chart and quite frankly the Lightning was a stacked roster who didn’t necessarily need No. 70.

However, the Devils need Domingue and just as much as he needs New Jersey; and to prove that he’s capable of reviving a bad team. Similar to anytime Fitzpatrick’s displayed success in the NFL.

Think about Fitzpatrick’s second season in New York during the 2016 campaign with the high expectations – it was a polar opposite result for him and the Jets.

It doesn’t work that way for these types of unique leaders.

It’s arguable that Domingue feeds more off and benefits from an opportunity when and where his value can only go up, while stealing the spotlight. It sounds crazy and almost like reverse psychology but that’s exactly why they labeled No. 14 under center as “Fitzmagic.”

It’s borderline unexplainable.

Think about it, Domingue’s overall value and room for him to “be the guy” wasn’t possible in Tampa on what was labeled as the most talented team ever assembled by some.

In Jersey, he can shine and run away with opportunity and feed off that positive energy he can provide during dark times at the Prudential Center. History’s shown before that some athletes just respond better to those types of occasions.

Don’t be surprised to see Domingue have a similar run between the pipes like former Devils Keith Kinkaid posted back in 2017-18. However, keep in mind that Domingue’s magic runs out at some point before eventually joining another team in hopes of finding lightning in a bottle, again.

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