Deandre Baker
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Teammates of New York Giants rookie cornerback Deandre Baker have described the first-year pro as a “handful.”

If you look at all the moves Dave Gettleman has made as the New York Giants general manager, the selection of cornerback Deandre Baker is shaping up to be one of the worst.

Now, I understand he’s a rookie and will need time to develop. I understand that there were going to be some issues, as with any first-year player. However, it’s been worse than a ton of us initially expected.

Baker has struggled mightily in coverage. When targeted, opposing quarterbacks have combined to complete 70.4% of throws for 580 yards, four touchdowns, and a rating of 130.2.

Teammates are keeping their absolute faith in him though, right? Well, I wouldn’t set that in stone either. According to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, numerous other Giants have described Baker as a “handful.”

The sum it up, trying to develop Baker and help him improve on the field has been a difficult task for this team. He isn’t really showing signs that improvement is imminent, and the effort isn’t there all the time either.

This specific play in the Week 10 loss to the New York Jets proves that as well. Baker is lined up on the top of your screen on the latter angle.

It’s only a matter of time before the Giants take a look at second-year corner Sam Beal or even rookie Julian Love. Both are kind of raw and haven’t received much in-game experience up to this point.

Still, could they really be much worse than Baker’s been?

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