Jamal Adams
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Jamal Adams digs up a clip of Mike Francesa calling the New York Jets safety “a nice player,” but not a “great player.”

Despite the fact that the New York Jets listened to offers for Jamal Adams at the trade deadline, the safety is playing some of the best football of his career. He’s cementing himself as the best safety in the league and now he’s pulling out receipts.

WFAN host Mike Francesa called out Adams for his antics at the deadline and even went as far as to say, “he’s a nice player, he’s not a great player.”

Adams re-upped a clip of Francesa bashing him on Twitter on Thursday and it makes the radio host look awfully silly.

“Since when are you in that league?” Francesa said in response to Adams’ assertion that the Rams and Patriots don’t take calls on Aaron Donald or Tom Brady. “You don’t belong being discussed in the same sentence as those guys.”

This is about the only salient point that Francesa makes throughout his rant. Adams could have handled the trade rumors better, but he’s a young, emotional player. Since the deadline, Adams has been nothing short of tremendous.

“This is the problem with this kid, as I’ve told you all along,” Francesa says with utter condescension. “This guy has separated himself from the team the whole time. ‘I’m good, they’re bad. They’re bad, they lose, I don’t lose. I’m good.'”

“Enough of this stuff. This kid has got to grow up. He’s a nice player. He’s not a great player. He’s a good player.”

Francesa continues on his diatribe, calling Adams a “child” and blaming the Jets for “not getting rid of him.”

Since Francesa’s comments, Adams has been on a rampage. In his last three games, Adams has racked up six sacks, seven quarterback hits, five tackles-for-loss, two forced fumbles, and one touchdown. He’s as dynamic a defensive player as there is in the NFL right now.

Adams is currently on track to make history. With those six sacks, he’s only two away from tying the single-season record for a defensive back. His ability to get to the quarterback is only one part of his game though. Adams can set the edge in the run game, drop back into coverage over the top, or man up against the best receivers and tight ends in the league.

Adams has also been a catalyst in the last two wins for the Jets, completely changing the game with his sacks.

A little motivation from the Sports Pope seems to be fueling Adams at the moment. Jets fans are thanking the sports gods that Francesa wasn’t in charge of the team at the trade deadline because he was dead wrong about Adams just being a “nice player.”

He’s spectacular.

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