Cory Schneider
(Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

Check out fans’ mixed reactions over Twitter, after the New Jersey Devils placed Cory Schneider on waivers. 

Monday entailed a day of mixed emotions for the entire New Jersey Devils community, and one of which being the fact that goaltender Cory Schneider was placed on waivers.

Of course, Twitter was utilized for not only the team to officially notify Jersey’s fanbase, but for the sports media world to react to the transaction.

While it seemed that Jersey fans were more than ready to part ways with Martin Brodeur’s predecessor, it was assuring to see some positive and appreciative reactions for No. 35 over everyone’s therapeutic platform.

Here’s a look at Twitter reactions after Schneider was placed on waivers:

I appreciate the positive post “Jules,” but can you at least give credit to ESNY for creating that graphic?

Either way, a nice tribute towards Schneider. Well done.

‘People don’t forget …’

“Trade” tweets made an early appearance, as well.

The bigger question is, “How many times was this joke used prior to this post?”

Now, that’s an awesome moment.

Something along the lines of “fire Hynes” is almost inevitable over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other new social platform that’s available for New Jersey fans to access.

Well, the reality is at this point that Ray Shero can only win so many lopsided deals …

GIFs were popular on the tweets thread, too.

Devils fan may want the curse of Hughes to move in with the team’s next departure, no?

Schneider was always great with the media—another big pair of shoes to fill for MacKenzie Blackwood.

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