DeAndre Baker
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Former New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, linebacker Carl Banks aren’t happy with the effort of rookie corner DeAndre Baker.

Since Week 1, when Deandre Baker contributed to the New York Giants allowing 35 points in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the rookie corner hasn’t improved much. He’s still not a great cover corner at all and even admitted to having issues with the playbook.

Needless to say, Baker will need to improve mightily as time goes on, or this will go down as a draft bust for New York.

But how will he impress the coaching staff, his teammates, and fans? Well, to start, he could show a little bit more effort on the field. During the most recent loss to the New York Jets, Baker blew the coverage on what was a 47-yard catch-and-run by Jets receiver Demaryius Thomas.

After the reception, Baker seemed to just give up and slow down, something former Giants Lawrence Tynes and Carl Banks criticized him for on Twitter.

Baker has been a big part of the putrid group that is the Giants secondary. They’re currently 24th in the league with 259.0 passing yards allowed-per-game. Rookies struggle and make mistakes, that’s just factual, but this man will need to step it up in more ways than one as the weeks progress.

If he doesn’t start performing better or showing more effort on plays, the team has cornerback Sam Beal on the bench. Beal, a second-year pro out of Western Michigan University, played his first-ever game snaps in the loss to the Jets.

Only time will tell if we’ll begin to see more of him and less of Baker.

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