New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was trolled by a fan asking if he’d seen any ghosts during pregame warmups.

This was probably pretty predictable. After Sam Darnold‘s seeing ghosts comments aired on ESPN, much to the dismay of New York Jets head coach Adam Gase, he’s been trolled somewhat mercilessly about it.

The Jacksonville Jaguars mascot got in on the act, dressing as a ghost ahead of the team’s matchup with them. Now, fans at MetLife Stadium are getting into the act, as one was caught repeatedly asking Darold if he’d seen any ghosts during warmups ahead of Sunday’s matchup with the New York Giants.

This is to be expected, as fans love attempting to troll professional athletes, but it’s also a little unoriginal. For one, Darnold isn’t the first quarterback to be confused by a Bill Belichick defense.

It’s a phrase that other quarterbacks have used, including Brett Favre, who came to Darnold’s defense over the comments. Belichick has made a career of making quarterbacks uncomfortable.

Additionally, the attempts to troll Darnold because he’s under pressure all the time miss the mark. It’s certainly not Darnold’s fault that the offensive line has played so poorly in front of him. The fact that Darnold saw phantom pressure is a much bigger indictment of the offensive line than it is of Darnold.

The point of heckling players is to give them a hard time about things they can control. Poor decision making or lack of production is certainly fair game for hecklers, as those are things that are influenced by the target.

But trying to roast a player because his offensive line is not effective? This heckler is missing the mark big time.

The combination of unoriginal material, to go along with a poor choice of target, means this heckler gets a grade of 1-of-10 for his attempted troll.

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