New York Jets fans are expressing their frustration with the team, and more specifically, head coach Adam Gase.

New York Jets fans are at a breaking point. So much so that one die-hard fan started a GoFundMe to pay for a plane to fly a banner saying “FIRE ADAM GASE NOW!”

The GoFundMe’s organizer is Jason Koeppel, the CEO of New York Sports Fan Magazine, or NYSF for short. The motivation behind the banner are stated quite clearly on the GoFundMe page.

“The ‘FIRE ADAM GASE NOW!’ plane that is set to fly over the Hudson River today was paid for by a large group of die-hard New York Jets fans who donated to this GoFundMe specifically for the purpose of sending loud public messages to ownership that we are fed up,” says the GoFundMe page.

“While Adam Gase’s name was on the back of the plane, this movement is actually about holding ownership accountable for their actions over the past decade,” the post continues. “In reality, that plane should have read ‘SELL THE TEAM!’ but we know that they have absolutely no intention of doing that.”

We’re at the point in the season when just about everyone is losing their minds. Head coach Adam Gase was billed as an offensive guru and a quarterback whisperer. Unfortunately, potential franchise quarterback Sam Darnold is regressing under Gase.

Things are unraveling for the Jets and they face another potential body blow on Sunday. They’ll host the New York Giants (2-7) at MetLife Stadium in a game that should be known as the Toilet Bowl.

Both teams are in the depths of the standings and both fanbases are exhausted. There’s no telling what banner Jets fans might fly if they lose to the lowly Giants.

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