An angry caller on The Michael Kay Show hilariously ripped the New York Jets and their head coach Adam Gase after Sunday’s loss.

It seems New York Jets fans have hit their breaking points with the team and head coach Adam Gase. The newly-hired “offensive guru” has one win in his first eight games with the team, including a recent loss to the once-winless Miami Dolphins.

Needless to say, Gase and the Jets are in trouble, and the fans aren’t keeping quiet about it. This week, a man who claimed to be a season-ticket holder called into The Michael Kay Show on ESPN radio to air his grievances with the team.

“I’m embarrassed that I pay for my season tickets,” the caller ranted. “I’m embarrassed that I call shows like yours to say that I’m a positive Jets fan and an Adam Gase supporter. I’m embarrassed that I have Jet apparel in my closet. I’m embarrassed that I’ve made my kids fans. I’m embarrassed that I’ve told my family and friends that this is a good coach. I am utterly embarrassed at this point”

“My passwords in my bank accounts are Jet digits,” he added. “My password on my computer is ‘Jets.’ I had a damn tattoo tattooed on my leg when I was a kid…I am disgusted. I am so sick of this feeling. It [puts] me in rage. I don’t feel like this about anything but this team and I cannot believe I am sitting here dealing with this again.”

Think he’s embarrassed? He only said it about six or seven times, so I guess the answer’s yes. But don’t worry, angry caller. You’re not the only Jets fan who’s uneasy at this point. Heck, much of this fanbase began with the humiliation a few weeks ago after suffering the blowout to the New England Patriots. It’ll become natural soon enough.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.