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While most fans probably want the New York Giants to wear their modern retro all-white uniforms full-time, but they definitely shouldn’t.

Kyle McKenna

It’s a rare sight for all football fans when the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants take to the trenches at MetLife Stadium for Monday Night Football on Nov. 4.

For some New York fans, it’s a beautiful sight.

America’s Team is wearing its navy and silver jerseys that it wears for maybe a handful of games a year and hardly ever on the road, while the Giants throw back the clock.

New York is wearing a modern version of its white uniforms which debuted in 1980 and were retired after the 1999 season. Fans will witness “GIANTS” scripted across the players’ helmets and a white cage adds some more flair to the uniform set that certainly pops.

Yes, the set is all-white.


While the Giants have worn these modern-retro uniforms before and seemed to be well received by most fans, should New York consider wearing these threads full-time in the future?


While the modern version of the retro set is flashy and arguably portrays more New York Football Giants spirit, the team should stick to wearing these once or twice a year at most.

Sure, there are generations of fans that want to see the nostalgic uniform set and “GIANTS” running across the team’s helmets, as it likely brings back memories from the team’s Super Bowl championship seasons in 1986 and 1990.

Even players such a Lawrence Taylor and Michael Strahan donned versions of what the Giants are wearing for Week 9’s edition of Monday Night Football.

Yet, keep in mind that the G-Men also won two Super Bowls, while wearing the white uniform setup they’ve had since 2005. The white jerseys with the solid red numbers pop too, but just in a different way than the modern-retro set.

Yes, the all-white uniforms are “fresh,” but the gray pants on the current getups are classic, too.

There’s something about the versions from the 1980s and 1990s that portrays to a former nemesis in that of the Buffalo Bills, no? The teams’ styles and brands were almost identical at one point in time.

Let’s give credit where it’s due though – the “GIANTS” wordmark logo across the modern-day helmet is worth considering going back to.

The “NY” logo on the helmets is nice and was reintroduced with a metallic blue base color that was a blessing – after the Giants helmets were a hideous flat midnight-blue for far too long.

Grungy, no?

Wear these once a year, and potentially against the Cowboys at home, or for another primetime game. Nothing more.

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