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New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur denies the offense’s red zone troubles have been a trend after Monday’s loss.

It’s not looking good for the New York Giants, but when has it as of late? On Monday night, the team lost its fifth consecutive matchup to the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 37-18. Despite what the score shows, the narrative for much of the night was that the Cowboys were begging the Giants to win this game.

Dallas turned the ball over twice as Big Blue found themselves in the red zone on five separate occasions. However, the Giants were only able to come away with one touchdown on five of those trips, with the other four ending in field goals.

After the game, head coach Pat Shurmur made it known that the red zone troubles are, in fact, not a tendency and just a one-night issue.

“I don’t think [the red zone issues] are a trend,” Shurmur said. “Today though, we certainly [struggled]. We got down there and wanted to get Saquon [Barkley] some opportunities running the ball. We didn’t gain many yards doing that. A couple of times, it got down to a third-down pass that we didn’t complete, so you kick field goals.”

The Cowboys were a tad bit more efficient on that end of the field. They crossed the goal line on 33% of their trips to the red zone. Thus far on the year, the Giants have scored a touchdown on just 48% of their red-zone trips.

On the current losing streak, that percentage stands at 33%. Therefore, it actually has been a trend for the Giants, one they must resolve moving forward.

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