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New York sports radio host Mike Francesa criticizes New York Jets safety Jamal Adams’ behavior surrounding trade deadline drama.

There’s no shortage of drama surrounding the New York Jets this week, with Jamal Adams right in the middle of it all. Prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline, general manager Joe Douglas fielded calls on the All-Pro safety. However, don’t confuse this with Douglas “shopping” Adams to other teams. All he did was field calls, which is in his job description.

Nonetheless, Adams was hurt that Douglas even fielded calls in the first place. He pondered over the idea that the Los Angeles Rams don’t take calls on Aaron Donald or how the New England Patriots don’t listen to offers for Tom Brady. Evidently, it seems Adams is comparing himself to two of the league’s greats. That attitude didn’t sit well with WFAN radio host Mike Francesa, who gave his take on the matter.


On Adams referring to Donald and Brady, Francesa asked “What does that have to do with you? Since when are you in that league? You don’t belong even being discussed with those guys in the same sentence. This is the problem with this kid that I’ve told you all along. This guy has separated himself from the team the whole time…Enough of this stuff, this kid’s gotta grow up. He’s a nice player, he’s not a great player, he’s a good player.”

“He’s not what he thinks he is, he thinks he’s some great player and wants to be compared to the best players in the league which is a farce,” he added. “It’s comical, he’s accomplished nothing.”

Interpret that as you wish, just like with any other quote from the longtime radio host.

The Jets clearly believe Adams is a great player. They wouldn’t take less than a first-round pick and multiple second-round picks in a trade for him. There’s also reason to believe that he has accomplished something in this league. Adams is an All-Pro defensive back and a Pro Bowler already at 24 years old.

But putting himself in the same sentence as Donald and Brady? That’s a little bit of a stretch.

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