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Pat Shurmur is refusing to wear a mic during the New York Giants’ Week 9 “Monday Night Football” game against the Cowboys.

Hopefully, Daniel Jones and the New York Giants won’t be seeing any ghosts this coming Monday night. The team takes on the Dallas Cowboys in a Week 9 matchup, trying to get back onto their feet after four consecutive losses.

The “seeing ghosts” comment refers to Sam Darnold‘s mic’d-up comment in the New York Jets‘ “Monday Night Football” loss to the New England Patriots earlier this month. Will the Giants have a similar comment aired? Or maybe even something worse? Well, if they do, it won’t be at the dispense of Pat Shurmur. This week, the head coach said “no” to if he’d be wearing a mic in the upcoming game.

“Well, you might expect my answer when it comes to mics. I’m not fond of them,” he told reporters, per Dan Benton of Giants Wire. “I think there are things that get said and corrected during the game that should be internal in my opinion.”

“When you have a mic, then some of what you’re communicating at the line of scrimmage now becomes public record,” he added. “That’s just my opinion of that.”

Many have criticized ESPN’s choice to air the Darnold comments. That being said, the NFL has to approve those kinds of comments that come from mic’d up players.

The Giants are now 2-6 and will be facing the NFC East leading-Dallas Cowboys at home. Big Blue and their division rivals will kick off on Monday night at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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