In his latest victory over the New York Jets, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick toyed with Adam Gase a bit. 

Another New England Patriots victory over the New York Jets simply couldn’t climax without mind games from Bill Belichick.

With his squad up 33-0 in the middle stages of the fourth quarter, Belichick’s offensive unit, masterful all night, was forced into a rare punt at the Jets’ 33-yard-line. With the punter out rather than the field goal unit, Belichick took a delay of game penalty to get more space on what was to be a short kick.

Jets head coach Adam Gase, wise to the trick, declined the penalty. Belichick attempted his tomfoolery one more time, drawing another five-yard penalty via a false start. Gase once more declined the foul, foiling the plan.

ESPN cameras caught Belichick smirking at Gase’s solution, and eventually acquiesced. A short Jake Bailey punt went 19 yards and gave the Jets the ball back.

It was perhaps the Jets’ lone victory all night. New England continues to lead 33-0 in the fourth quarter.