Caris LeVert
Al Bello/Getty Images

In a recent interview, Caris LeVert touched on multiple goals and aspirations for the exciting Brooklyn Nets season ahead.

In some shape or form, Caris LeVert will be a huge part of the Brooklyn Nets‘ upcoming season. As it stands, he’s getting shoehorned into the co-pilot spot next to new point guard Kyrie Irving.

LeVert has certainly shown flashes of stardom, namely the first two months of last season. However, for every flash in the pan, his success has been matched with tragic injuries. Three years into his career and LeVert has only eclipsed the 70-game mark once. Last season, he didn’t even participate in half of his possible contests due to a dislocated foot.

Given a full offseason of training and another year of growing into his ever-changing body, the tides could turn for young Caris. Based on his recent interview with Michael Lee of The Athletic, it appears LeVert can feel big changes in the air.

“I’ve always felt like I was that guy. I’m at the point where now I feel I can control how good I can be,” LeVert said. “I’m going to push myself every single day and see where that ceiling is. I don’t know where it is. I don’t like to put limits on myself.”

For those of you wondering what a fully acclimated LeVert may look like, search no further than his infamous playoff performance against the Philadelphia 76ers. The (then) 24-year-old hooper put up 21 points on 49.3% from the field, 4.3 rebounds, and 3.0 assists.

His big performance gave LeVert the necessary validation. He’s ready for the next big step: stardom next to the big dogs.

“In the playoffs, you can kind of see where your weaknesses are. You see what you’re really good at. You kind of see how good you are as a player, and I feel I excelled last year in the playoffs,” LeVert said. “I was pretty calm the whole series. I felt like the crowd didn’t really affect me at all. I was just out there hooping. As a player, you have to have confidence. I think the playoffs definitely gave me that validation.”

Now, more than ever, LeVert will have the opportunity to show just how talented he really is. After the big summer, the Nets will attract more eyes than ever — at least in comparison to some of the other rosters from the Brooklyn era.

Recognizing this, LeVert commented on how increased exposure could grow his brand.

“I love big games,” LeVert said. “I love playing on TV, playing in big environments. I thrive in those environments. I felt like last year we were a good team but people didn’t really see it. Because we weren’t really on TV that much and people didn’t really watch the Nets like that. This year, with obviously KD, Kyrie and DeAndre, I feel like naturally, we’ll get more attention as a team.”

There’s a good chance Kyrie Irving isn’t the only All-Star from the borough of Brooklyn. Should things progress accordingly, his backcourt partner in crime could be donning the illustrious February threads as well.


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