Taurean Prince
ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

The three Brooklyn Nets weapons that could potentially experience breakout seasons in this upcoming 2019-20 campaign.

Exciting times are coming close for the Brooklyn Nets with the 2019-2020 NBA season quickly approaching. The Nets have actively acquired high-end and respectable talent this off-season and are now waiting to test out these new acquisitions. Brooklyn’s returning weapons have also put in the work throughout the summer, so we can see improved talent as well.

During a press conference last Tuesday, general manager Sean Marks stated, “As Kenny [Atkinson] always said before, we’re banking on somebody. Somebody has to. Every team plays above expectations and so forth. They always have somebody that rises to the occasion, puts the work in the summer. I can honestly go down and name a few guys.”  

With new additions and improvements, there’s bound to be a couple of breakout players for the team next season. Here are three of those specific individuals.

Dzanan Musa

During media day on Friday, Dzanan Musa stood with Kevin Durant during player photo-shoots and looked almost similar in height with him. It was interesting to see Musa grow a bit over the summer. Will he additionally grow in general as a player?

Musa will be entering his sophomore year and there’s a bit more pressure now for him to show if he’s capable of playing in the league. Musa’s sample size is still a bit limited and it’s hard to have a clear judgment on his game. 

His most recent play in the NBA Summer League admittedly wasn’t perfect. However, he had a couple of good glimpses of his potential as a player. Musa had impressive showings on the defensive end, some good shooting spurts, and also showed decent play-making abilities.

The guard and small forward positions are still pretty competitive, but Musa has a shot at cracking a big part of the Nets rotation as a key role player.

If he continues his offensive off-ball skills and can become more consistent from behind the arc, he can be a possible breakout player off the bench. It’s all still a process to see what player Musa can be. But thus far, he’s shown bright flashes in the time he’s been given.

Taurean Prince

Everyone talks about Joe Harris, Caris LeVert, and Spencer Dinwiddie as the key players outside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. An under-the-radar name, one acquired from Atlanta this off-season, is none other than Taurean Prince

Prince could actually be the third-best pickup of the offseason even over DeAndre Jordan. Prince brings the valuable skill set of a great three-point shooter, averaging 39% from deep last year.

Prince has been noted for questionable defensive effort during his last couple of months in Atlanta. He also tends to be inconsistent on offense and has been criticized as a lazy passer.

Still, the Nets system could be a big boost for him to return to the consistent player he was a couple of years ago. He is in a winning system and has players like Kyrie and Durant to help him improve as a complete player. 

His shooting is a very impressive skill that Kenny Atkinson will certainly love with the motion offense. Prince can possibly be a starting forward for this Nets squad if he proves his worth. He can really make the Nets offense a very scary threat to teams if he plays his role really well.

Prince, himself can be a very good starting player with his impact.

Jarrett Allen

Coming off his sophomore year, Jarrett Allen has another big year ahead of him. He averaged 10.9 points-per-game and 8.4 rebounds-per-game along with 1.5 blocks-per-game on the season.

Allen might face competition with DeAndre Jordan at the center spot, but regardless, he will still be a vital part of the Nets frontcourt. Allen has seemed to gain more muscle over the Summer which has been a concern with his inability to guard stronger brute centers.

With Kyrie as the new starting point guard, Allen has a chance to have more scoring opportunities on the pick and roll, which can improve his offensive production.  The defensive front will be a big test for him. If he can improve within the interior, he will definitely strengthen the Nets defense overall. 

In general, Allen’s development can be enough to have him poised for continued growth. If Allen takes that growth to another level, his impact and importance on this Brooklyn will surely be noticed.