Eli Manning
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

New York Giants rookie wideout Darius Slayton believes quarterback Eli Manning is still a team leader throughout the facility.

It’s officially a new era for the New York Giants. The team has replaced longtime quarterback Eli Manning with rookie Daniel Jones, and the so-called “Danny Dimes era” is in full swing after Sunday’s victory.

With Eli now standing on the sideline, watching what Jones and this offense can do, will he still be the leader he’s always been? Will the two-time Super Bowl MVP still be the mentor that young guys within this organization need? Despite that conversation being in question form, rookie wideout Darius Slayton isn’t questioning it at all.

Ryan Honey is a senior NFL analyst, betting writer, and podcaster for Elite Sports NY. He hosts the Wide Right Podcast, which serves as both a New York Giants podcast and sports betting show.