Kevin Durant
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Kevin Durant’s decision to exit Golden State for the Brooklyn Nets wasn’t surprising for former head coach Steve Kerr in the slightest.

This just in: we have live coverage of Steve Kerr dodging the impending beef with Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. Here is at-the-scene footage from one of our dedicated reporters:

In all seriousness, it appears the potential drama of a KD-Golden State feud is on its last legs. Just about a month ago, Durant sat down with the Wall Street Journal and let off some eyebrow-raising statements regarding the Warrior offense.

Since then, not only did Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr fail to entangle in a war of words with the superstar forward, he actually went ahead and agreed with KD’s big statements:

Kerr told Anthony Slater of The Athletic, “I wasn’t at all offended what Kevin said because it’s basically the truth.”

During his appearance on the Full 48 podcast, Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck asked Kerr about his surprise level regarding KD’s exit on a scale of 1-to-10. To this, Kerr quickly responded with a “1.”

During that famed interview with the WSJ, Durant mentioned that he never really “fit in” with the homegrown Golden State talent. Said Durant, “I’ll never be one of those guys. I didn’t get drafted there … Steph Curry, obviously drafted there. Andre Iguodala, won the first Finals, first championship. Klay Thompson, drafted there. Draymond Green, drafted there. And the rest of the guys kind of rehabilitated their careers there.”

Perhaps Kerr caught wind of Durant’s displeasure within the locker room. Or maybe, given Durant’s stoic nature, it was easy to deduce based on body language alone. Regardless, it appears a separation between the two parties was predestined, regardless of Kerr’s efforts.

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