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Spencer Dinwiddie thinks the Brooklyn Nets can win the 2020 NBA title, and there’s not much you can do to stop him.

Never one to mince words, Spencer Dinwiddie is all in on his Brooklyn Nets over the next couple of seasons. In a recent sitdown interview with the New York PostsBrian Lewis, Dinwiddie stated that the 2019-2020 group “has a chance to be a very, very special…”

How special, you may be asking? Well, I’ll let the man himself do the talking.

“Now, listen here: I don’t make guarantees. But of course I do (think the Nets can win a title). … KD is the best player in the league, right?”

Dinwiddie deserves a great deal of credit for getting the Nets to where they are. After all, the man was Brooklyn’s lead recruiter, who reportedly was texting Kyrie Irving about coming to Brooklyn as early as February. On top of this, according to Fox SportsJason McIntyre, there’s a good chance Spencer held chief responsibility in bringing Kevin Durant aboard as well.

However, Dinwiddie understands that even though Brooklyn landed two of the top free agents this summer, the grind is only half done. The Nets are months and months of hard work away from the NBA title. Dinwiddie knows this better than most. “We’ve obviously added a ton more talent across the board. We’re a more talented team. But if we don’t come together then it doesn’t matter. That’s our job as a unit.”

Last year, Brooklyn featured a vastly inclusive and supportive group of guys. Led by the veteran presences of Ed Davis and Jared Dudley, the young Brooklyn Nets overachieved thanks to the perfect mix of skillsets, personalities, and in a way, compassion.

Clearly, the specialness of last year’s group resonated with Dinwiddie.

“We’re definitely going to improve. We added talent across the board. But it all depends on chemistry and cohesiveness. That’s always the trouble, that’s always the elephant in the room, right? Last year we were able to come together…”

There’s a lot up in the air for Brooklyn (namely, KD’s health), so it’s interesting to see Dinwiddie zero-in on the chemistry aspect. You could argue that the success of Brooklyn’s new era will come down to how well these guys gel — on and off the court. With so many volatile and outspoken personalities (Dinwiddie included), it will be interesting to see if the Nets can put it all together.

Fortunately for Brooklyn, they’ve already seen how far great chemistry can take them; 42 wins to be exact. With more talent on the board, Kenny Atkinson must take last season’s blueprint and apply to a new, successful future. An NBA title may not be so outlandish after all.

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