Kevin Durant
Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant may be wearing a Brooklyn Nets jersey on the NBA hardwood sooner than we expected.

Brooklyn Nets fans are really getting spoiled with Kevin Durant news this week, huh? First came the preseason photo shoot, in which the Slim Reaper donned Brooklyn threads for the first time to date.

Then, shortly after, KD was badgered by a TMZ reporter with a fixation for the word “dude.” As the reporter was … doing whatever it is that TMZ does, he did manage to grab video footage of Kevin walking around New York City freely — without a limp.

Well, consider this to be the icing on top: the New York PostsBrian Lewis tweeted, “There is a growing sentiment around many in the NBA that Kevin Durant could be back this season.”

Lewis followed up this strong statement with a full-length article, which featured multiple quotations from new teammate Spencer Dinwiddie. In Lewis’ profile piece, Dinwiddie famously called Durant the “best player in the world.”

Dinwiddie continued, detailing Durant’s commitment to the rehabilitation process:

“I know KD is taking the rehab process ultra-serious. He wants to come back as soon as it’s appropriate and healthy and the right decision for him, and then also subsequently that would also be the right decision for.”

Of course, if Durant’s rehab process follows the typical 7-to-8 month plan, we could be looking at a comeback as early as mid-March. Not long ago, I discussed what a post-Achilles Durant may look like, detailing how his height and other-worldly shooting ability could mediate the side effects of such a serious injury.

Dinwiddie clearly shares this sentiment.

“The beautiful part about this is, the man is 7-foot and one of the best shooters of all time. At worst you get Dirk [Nowitzki], and Dirk was a monster. So we’re ready for him to come back whenever he wants to and whenever he’s ready to do so, and we know that he’s going to be a phenomenal major piece of our roster.”

Until Durant returns to the floor, it’s on Dinwiddie and his new teammates to build synergy. From there, the Nets can flawlessly fit KD into Kenny Atkinson‘s system. All signs point to this happening sooner than later.

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