Jamal Adams
Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Flags have been flying everywhere this season in the NFL but this time New York Jets safety Jamal Adams is fighting back.

Allison Case

The New York Jets were fined for scoring a measly three points on Monday Night Football.

Well, actually, Jamal Adams was just fined for a hit on the quarterback. The Jets are not getting fined for their recent dismal performance on Monday night.

In fact, the hit Adams was fined for should not have even been a flag for roughing the passer. The hit in question came in the first quarter when Adams tackled Mayfield up high after chasing him out of the pocket.

Now it’s Adams turn to hit the NFL: he’s appealing his fine. The total amount came to $21,506 and Adams had words for the world. He took to Twitter to express his distaste for the fine, calling it “a damn joke.”

Adams also told reporters that the officiating crew had issued an apology to the Jets coaching staff after the conclusion of the game for making the wrong call.

Of course, looking at the play, Adams is right. He plays an aggressive style of football but that play didn’t necessarily warrant a flag. Adams is known for hits like that and if he gets fined every single time, where’s the fun in that?

Besides, the NFL has tossed far too many flags and it’s made the game far too boring to watch. Just like Major League Baseball is saying, let the kids play!

“It was legal,” Adams said of the hit to reporters. “Next time, I might just tag him on the hip and say he’s it and play tag with him. I don’t know what else you want me to do in that situation.”

The NFL won’t admit he’s right but … guys, he’s right. Forget playing tag, we want to watch some football!

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